The “Perception of Value” – Let’s Talk

All party rental companies throughout the United States buy the same basic equipment.

There are only so many manufacturers of quality tents, tables, chairs, linens, china, glassware and flooring.

We all, of course, have our unique offerings, but the general inventory is much the same.

Our suppliers are each competing for our dollars, so our costs are similar.

So why do estimates for events being held at similar venues in the same geographic area vary greatly? I can only guess.

My point: A lower bottom line on an estimate does not mean lower quality. You are not buying a refrigerator.

You are buying Experience (40 years) Service (may be our finest product) and a Sincere Interest in you and your event.


Sandra Lippens Owner,

Tilton Tents and Party Rentals


Photo By River Medlock Photography
Photo by River Medlock Photography


Tilton Tents has been a most successful business on Martha's Vineyard for over forty years.

That speaks loudly for our ability, reputation and commitment.

We are a professional full-service rental company..

What does this mean to you?


  • It means that forty plus years’ experience has taught us what equipment adapts best to the island environment and how best to place and secure it. From the smallest party or largest wedding tent to the very large business convention layout, our tent set-up crew is fast and efficient. Tilton tents have been the choice of the White House staff and The United States Secret Service whose top priority is safety.
  • It means that, as a full-service rental company, our Tool Rental Department is immediately available when unusual tent locations require special treatment. Weather emergencies do occur on the island—a sudden cool wind, a storm from the sea—but we have tent heaters and generators, too, should there be a power failure or other special needs. Our equipment is the best; we never use off-brands from bargain outlets.
  • It means that our tents are always clean and crisp-looking, because we have the facilities, the acreage, and the determination to keep them that way. Tent tops and sidewalls are hand-washed after every use. Ratchet straps, too, are washed and reassembled for a neat appearance. White electrical cords are also hand-washed after every use. Dishes, utensils, and glassware are individually inspected after commercial washing and sterilization.
  • It means that we have a larger and superior inventory—12 tent styles, 23 dish patterns, more than 300 choices in linens. We offer 6 flooring patterns quality-made and expertly installed. We are very well-equipped to provide décor for a variety of themes such as American, Asian, Moroccan, Tropical, Victorian, etc, as well as the more traditional essence of island, white and breezy wedding scene. We can create lighting systems to enhance your favored theme, employing hundreds of lanterns, varied types of chandeliers, not to mention surrounding lawn lamps, moon lights, torches, and so on. We can up-light, back-light, spot-light, and we’re always eager to discover new creations.
  • We take pride in catering to your individuality while remaining alert to current styles and tastes.
  • It means that we’re open year-round and we welcome visitors, knowing that our showroom will excite your imagination. Here, with the help of our friendly and very experienced staff, you can experiment with combinations of linens, dishes and lighting. We love what we do, enjoy meeting you and are always eager to be of service.


Easy to locate at the Round-About, center of the island.

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The Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce